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Jo and Rita

Another fresh week and time to see another amazing hotkinkyJo update with the one and only brunette getting naughty and kinky for you all to see here as per usual. The cutie has another friend with her to play with and she knows that she’s going to be having your attention for most of this gorgeous gallery. As the title suggests, her friend is name Rita and miss Rita with Jo get to have their fun outdoors this one. It was a cloudy and gloomy day but it seems that that didn’t stop the babes from getting nasty with one another. So let’s watch them getting to do some pretty nice and nasty fucking in an outdoor area. We bet that you’ll adore it!


So yeah, by the looks of it, it seems to be the pier at the lakeside and as soon as the two make their stop, you can see them lifting their denim skirts up to show off that both of them were not packing any panties what so ever. So as this amazing infernal restraints videos update starts off, the two were already off to a nice and kinky start with one another as you can see. Enjoy the time that you get to see them taking turns to fist one another’s sweet pussies and you can check out miss Jo starting first, making Rita moan loudly in pleasure. Lucky for them no one caught them in the act, but as they will say, it’s the chance of getting caught that makes them enjoy this even more!

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HotKinkyJo – Deep anal fisting

HotkinkyJo is a very cute and sexy woman. And you should do well to remember that this naughty and sexy little woman has an insatiable appetite for having stuff rammed up her ass, especially fists. Well from now on, Jo and her friends will bring you some very hot and sexy updates every week starting from today. And she would like to make her debut here in force as she got a buddy of hers to drop by and give you a nice feel of her getting her favorite treatment just for you. So let’s just not waste any more time and just watch what she has in store for you guys shall we?

As the scene starts, hot kinky Jo welcomes her buddy inside and the two don’t seem to be willing to wait around too long to get to the sexy part of their meet up today. Jo takes her friend to the living room where she gets her panties off quite fast and then takes her spot on the leather couch, spreading her legs wide open and awaiting her buddy’s expert fist to stretch and fuck her tight little ass for today. Enjoy it everyone and be sure that we will be returning soon with more awesome and hot content for you next week! Also you can enter the site and watch another kinky fetishist model performing!


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Anal Fisting with Jo

Another fresh week and time to see some more of HotKinkyJo and her incredible anal play sessions again. And this gallery contains some more of the hot and sexy babe Jo getting her ass stretched too as she is due to get another anal fist fucking from a fuck buddy. This time the guest is a guy, but by now you probably figured that Jo is bi and she likes to play on both sides of the fence. Well this fuck buddy of hers had his work cut out for him too as the babe was incredibly horny and just couldn’t wait to experience some big orgasms while her pussy and ass would be stretched too. The guy is here to please though, so he’ll make sure she gets what she wants.

anal fisting

For the occasion the nasty and naughty babe was sporting quite the stylish dress and the guy was quite impressed with how hot and sexy this chick was looking. They get to business pretty quick as Jo takes him to her bedroom and bends over revealing that she’s not packing any unides too. The guy teases her butt hole for a bit before anything else and that only makes Jo even more horny and eager to get her ass prodded. Soon though he gives her what she wants and starts to ram her ass with his hand as she moans loudly in pleasure. It’s a superb thing to see as usual and do come back soon everyone, we’ll have more Jo for you then!

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Balls in Ass

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back yet once more to HotKinkyJo and her incredible anal play scenes. She felt like doing another special feature for you guys to see this one and she has another performance all ready to reveal. In this scene here you get to watch the smoking hot brunette cutie as she demonstrates just how many balls she can fit inside of her sexy ass and well, the answer will be a surprise for you we’re sure. Either way kudos to her for bringing something new to the table any time that she wants to show off and so let’s not beat around the bush any longer to just see her get to work on that sexy ass of hers!

Once more we get to go to her living room and she’s already there wearing her outfit for this one. It’s composed of a pink tutu, a see through fishnet top that reveals her perky round tits and her sexy thigh high stockings. And it all made her look just so hot. Well take the time to see her sitting on the couch and spreading her legs as always, and that’s when the balls come in. See her inserting them in her ass carefully and then see her popping them out one by one too. She knows you’ll enjoy the view too. Anyway, have fun and don’t forget to check out some of the past scenes here with her as well if you want to see more of the kinky brunette! Check out the site if you wanna see other kinky ladies stuffing their holes using big fat tools!


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HotKinkyJo Dong in Ass

As always HotKinkyJo is up to more of her naughty shenanigans. In this scene the brunette gets around to have some naughty fun with her ass once more, but this time it’s in the kitchen. She was trying to do some cooking when the horny feelings hit her once more. Well she wasn’t going to pass up some self pleasing, because as you know, this babe always likes to enjoy a nice ass or pussy stretching. And fortunately for her, she had her nice and big toys on hand as well. One might wonder why she keeps her toys always close, but hey, this is hot kinky jo we’re talking about and there’s no way she won’t be kinky if she wants to.

hotkinkyjo-dong-in-assWell another thing is, that when she usually gets in the mood, the last thing she wants to do is search around the house for her dildos. Anyway, the counter was a good a spot as any for her to start playing with herself and you get to see some stripping first as the lovely woman wants you to see some more of her amazing nude body today. AS she gets up on the counter she also starts to lube the toy nicely as well as her ass as she’s going to be going to town on this one on her ass. All bent over and sexy, you get to watch Jo moan as she fucks her ass with a big dildo for the rest of the scene today. It’s a great one so make sure to not skip over any images in the gallery! Check out the site if you wanna see other kinky ladies going wild!

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Double Fisting

Well, we promised you more HotKinkyJo and her short haired brunette buddy didn’t we? Welcome back and for today’s update you can see and enjoy more of Jo and her fuck buddy. The two women were in heat for this one as they watched the soccer game and they made a bet about it as their fave teams played against one another. The loser would get to be on the receiving end of this superb fist fucking session and there were no backsies. Well, it looks like Jo’s team ended up loosing and she had to step up and put up. It’s not like she’s bothered anyway as for today she didn’t have her ass and pussy pleasing sessions anyway!

Let’s get to watch the babes doing the naughty stuff right there in the living room where hot kinky Jo lost her bet. She was wearing a blue sports bra and panties and she sure was quick to take the panties off too. Straight away she spreads her legs wide open without delay as she’s eager to get her ass played with today. Well the other babe knows exactly what’s up and you get to see her start up with some light anal fisting first. But as Jo wants more and more, the other cutie ends up using both hands to fist fuck this beautiful brunette’s nice ass. Take your time to enjoy it as always and do drop by next week for even more of Jo and her naughty scenes! Also you can visit the elite spanking site and see some kinky ladies getting their perfect round asses whipped!


Take a look at kinky Jo getting her ass double fisted!

Fisting on the balcony

Another fresh week and time to see some more of HotKinkyJo getting kinky as she usually does. This time she wanted to get a bit more…risky as it were and as you can observe the babe went and did something wild for her self pleasing session once more. She felt like she needed to be outdoors but the weather wouldn’t really allow her to get as naked and wild as she wants, so she had to settle for the next best thing, which is as you can see a trip to her balcony. She sometimes does this too, it’s not the first time rest assured. She likes the fact that she lives on the last floor of the building so she has no qualms about doing kinky stuff like this.

hotkinkyjo-fisting-on-the-balconyEven though she’s at the last floor, that still doesn’t mean that people can’t see her. Actually there’s a pretty good selection of spots from which you can see some generous views of this babe spreading those long legs to please herself and she knows for sure that she has some fans that like to watch her play sessions in the neighboring buildings. Anyway, see her taking her spot on the chair and watch her taking off her panties and then spreading those long sexy legs of hers wide open and have fun watching her moan as she fist fucks her pussy today once again. See you next week with more of Jo’s incredible and hot fisting scenes! Until then enter the site and see another kinky lady stretching her ass to the limits!

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HotKinkyJo Friends Fisting

This week we have more lady on lady action scenes with HotKinkyJo and her friends. In this update, you can see the sexy brunette woman with a passion for her holes getting stretched as she gets to get down and dirty with another one of her sex friends. The babe that’s the guest is a brunette like her, but she’s got short hair in a pixie cut style and she’s super adorable and cute. She’s a tad more petite than Jo and well, her breasts are a tad smaller, but that doesn’t make her look worse by any measure. Both babes look simply exquisite and sexy and we can guarantee you’ll want to see more of this new cutie too in the future.

And yes she will come back, Jo said that she definitely wants to have more fun with her soon. Anyway, for the setting, the two lovely women get to have the fun in the living room and once it starts, you get to see them make their entry wearing some really cute and sexy outfits too, short miniskirts and all too. Well minus the panties, they didn’t need lingerie at all for this one. The first one to receive a nice and long fist fucking session is the new babe and Jo knows how to work her sweet wet pussy with her expert hands. By the end of it all, both babes got to fist fuck one another and they had a great deal of fun with the whole thing too, or check out the site if u wanna see other kinky lesbians stuffing one another’s tight ass!


Enjoy watching kinky Jo fisting her friend’s holes!

Goldie Double Fisting

It seems that HotKinkyJo has some more company today and she gets to fully enjoy it too. As you’ve seen in previous scenes, Jo has quite a plethora of fuck buddies to have fun with any time that she gets horny. Well this was the case once more and she called on one of her female buddies. The name of the new babe is Goldie and you bet that she knows how to make Jo tremble in pleasure. The setting for this scene is that Jo wants to have a massage but she ends up getting a bit more too. Of course you know what we’re talking about since you know her love for getting her holes stretched out nicely with some fisting.


The cameras roll and Jo enters followed by Goldie and takes her spot on the little massage table. She should be getting naked shouldn’t she? well her area that needs massaging is the groin area. So she lays on her back, lifts up her skirt and shows off that she was all ready since she wasn’t wearing any panties at all. Take your time to see Goldie putting on some latex gloves and see her oiling her hands nicely. With her legs spread open, Jo eagerly takes her bestie’s hands at the same time in her ass and pussy, and you can watch her enjoying a double fist fucking in this amazing scene here. Watch it through and come back soon for more updates! Don’t forget that you can find similar videos and pics inside the site so check it out and see some kinky lesbians going wet!

Check out these nasty chicks fisting one another!

Horny Jo

This week, HotKinkyJo gets super horny and kinky once more and you get to see her on camera like that again. And this scene has Jo starring in more role playing too. As you know, she just adores to dress up and then fuck in all manners of kinky ways too. Well in this scene, she gets to take the role of a innocent little babe lost in the woods, that gets found by this escaped con. And the two of them get to have some private time with each other in the forest all afternoon long today. We bet you are eager to see the stunning and hot kinky Jo in action for this one so let’s get started and see her play naughty again!

hotkinkyjo-horny-joThe con himself as you can see id wearing the uniform. But Jo herself? Well miss Jo was sporting quite the sexy and cute little dress, and she had thigh high stockings as well, to make those long sexy legs look even sexier. Well when the two get down to business, the guy lays her on her back and lifts up her skirt, only to have the pleasant surprise that this superb little babe isn’t packing any lingerie underneath. Watch him fingering and teasing her pussy to get her more and more horny and in the mood and soon you get to see Jo’s wet cunt fist fucked nice and hard. Enjoy the view in this one and like always, see you soon with more or check out the site and see other hotties getting their holes stretched to the max!

Enjoy watching kinky Jo getting fisting by an ex-con!

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