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HotKinkyJo Friends Fisting

This week we have more lady on lady action scenes with HotKinkyJo and her friends. In this update, you can see the sexy brunette woman with a passion for her holes getting stretched as she gets to get down and dirty with another one of her sex friends. The babe that’s the guest is a brunette like her, but she’s got short hair in a pixie cut style and she’s super adorable and cute. She’s a tad more petite than Jo and well, her breasts are a tad smaller, but that doesn’t make her look worse by any measure. Both babes look simply exquisite and sexy and we can guarantee you’ll want to see more of this new cutie too in the future.

And yes she will come back, Jo said that she definitely wants to have more fun with her soon. Anyway, for the setting, the two lovely women get to have the fun in the living room and once it starts, you get to see them make their entry wearing some really cute and sexy outfits too, short miniskirts and all too. Well minus the panties, they didn’t need lingerie at all for this one. The first one to receive a nice and long fist fucking session is the new babe and Jo knows how to work her sweet wet pussy with her expert hands. By the end of it all, both babes got to fist fuck one another and they had a great deal of fun with the whole thing too, or check out the site if u wanna see other kinky lesbians stuffing one another’s tight ass!


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